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My heart took deep seat.Relaxing in the comfort of plush cushion.Neck twisted, head tucked comfortably in the nook of the chair.A glass of water sitting on the edge of the coffee table next to the remote control.
I remember youThe day we met dreams came trueThanks to you I smile
This morning I caught the blues.I stood on the edge of the spoon with nowhere to go.I tied my shoes and searched for my muse.There she sat, distance postponing an ooze of stew.With the end of the ladle short.
I kissed the pillows of her cheeks.Covering myself in the blanket of her caress.While here nothing is heavy.Maintaining the balance of smiles in the bed of her arms
The next time we meet, I may be someone else. Extra thick, light in weight. Resourced to fit purpose.
Times like this I'd search the bed for her. To throw my arm around her. Kiss her in mid sleep. The comfort of warm blankets. Knowing that shes that warm lump, kept warm between two sheets, a blanket, and my warmth.
One SmileOne laughOne lookOne soundOne touchOne memoryOne mindOne heartOne breathOne girl makes it allTake one away, the girl is goneWhy would someone do such a thing?
I said I would write a poem for her, But what is a poem If she still doesn't know how I feel about her. What is "life", if I can't rearrange the meaning of a "woman" to make you  My "wife".
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