Slam Behind the Curtain Slam Behind the Curtain

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The real me? I am not who I thought I was. Believe me, You can't change who i am now because I am free. Under the curtain I have been washed In the sea. My fake personality has been squashed.
  I was once naked because it used to be enough To bear it all bare with not much else but a smile in your eyes and a thought on your tongue
There was once a girl born into a world that let’s children live in their imagination, But as she grew there were restraints put on her dreams,
Hiding behind a maskExisting only behind a curtainComplete with smoke and mirrorsDon't we all?Trying to be perfect
You do not know me. You only know the parts of me I have shown you And what a shallow view that is It's staring into a puddle and thinking it the ocean I keep it this way To win your favor
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