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He put a razor inside my lunch pale Along with heads or tails I know he's hinting death As I hide behind my veil   Need a pair of clippers To cut my cutthroat nails And I red pair of scissors 
The voices they’re ragingConstantly complainingThey hurt.The soundIt’s all far too loud.I wish,I wish for them to go away.They,They tell me terrible things.
Free me from living my life in fear. are you with me? did you also witness the things I've seen. I'm Trying to figure out is it really what it appears to be,Or just my nightmare coming to my reality.
Of the train according to the front, after the order of 1000 suns cry eyeball - can all combustion terrace.
Mind in pieces; never in peace She can only breathe Silence is a virtue Since inside her mind There are screams Avalanches fall like dominoes She is the only one who knows
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