Come together

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What is a team? I was told that it was a group of people working together A place where the motto was never say never Where winning was the treasure
She wants to be deadBecause of all the words she hears.She never tried to fight the lies that were said.The lies come in many forms; some were read others were heard.The sad part is its not just her who have to fight the wordsThe words that feels
You have been leftOut in the darkness but it's time you seenUnder the darkness to the light because you don't have toRun from the night that's all around you No more running no moreObeying the monsters in your head it'sTime to ignore what their sa
Put the camera to my face, The world is just an image. I can capture what I want, And leave out all the baggage.   Put the camera to my face, The world is just an image.
I am a writer I am a musician I am an athlete I am many nouns But I am more than nouns I am tall I am compassionate I am hard to read I am many adjectives But I am more than adjectives
Fighting hurt slavery child labor child wars
Violence, much happens to people who keep silence  Oppression led the oppress to depression One gun can kill many sons  Teenage girls are confused, all bruised 
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