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Grow up. You're still a child. I wish the pull of these currents weren't so wild. I'm stuck trying to fly but being tied down. I wish you would make up your mind.
Lonely, hurt, and confused. How could you leave me when I needed you? Before becoming friends with me you had no one but now you have others and I think it's funny how you treat me like a dog. You've become so greedy like a hog.
Sometimes beautiful. Sometimes ugly. A huge part of our society. The pressure is everywhere it seems. Radios, TV's and the internet. No one ever plans but sometimes it happens on the night first met.
As a child we think we will grow old. As a child we believe everything we are told. Like one true loves and fairytales. No one ever speaks about the breakups, deaths, or fails. I miss being a child.
Money. It comes from trees and buys us things. It makes us do things without one doubt. Things we normally wouldn't even think about. It helps buy medicines and groceries too but when did it become a part of you?
FIELD OF DREAMS: by That Dope Poetess(KP)  
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