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I grew up hating the word vagina. The idea of menstruation was repulsive And I was taught to keep my legs shut Because my clit was inherently sinful And the blood was too horrifying to acknowledge.  
I grew up calling my vagina a 'chhee-chhee' ('Chee' being a Hindi interjection for 'disgust') Honestly,my vagina wasn't that bad a stuff, But,my mum taught me that, So,it got to be correct
Opening his mouth to receive the tender of her Legs, he knows not to taste the Inside yet. War is a calculated process. Victory takes many a stroke to be won. Intense is his brave
The bringer of life, god, all give respect. A cave of birth, a cave of delight, a cave of all. Vaginas are normal, part of everyday. Everything comes from them,
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