Giving in

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"Life isn't a fairytale." I've told myself a million times It's not a Hallmark movie It's not a Jane Austen novel It's not composed of kingdoms and wishes Princes and happy endings
“It will be fun,” they said. One day in, and I was already close to dead. This adventure I was undertaking was supposed to last a week. From my pores, sweat was starting to leak.
Giving inTo the negative thoughtsFinally seeing all the torment they have caused   No one loves meI'm better all aloneLetting myself believe them  
Truthful it wasThe dedication I sawWith endless days and endless nightsConsciousness overriding any question of restPassion peered through a coffin of dead eyesUnrested one
Yes, You are a drug to me, a sweet live shock to my veins. Your after taste so bittersweet, Your always on my brain. I yearn for that heavenly necture, Just to hear Your voice.
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