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Caramel like apples, sweet and nice.  Dark like chocolate with a red cherry undertone. Yellow like the flower, pink in shades of lemonade. Pastel, light, and soft as a dove.
He hit her again I saw the blood come from the cut on her eyebrow He claims to love her He degrades her, calls her a slut, a whore How could this be love Love is not angry  
I am the master of dressing room photoshoots.The queen of Macy mirror pics,The goddess of target twitter selfies I have a changing room ritual, outfit on, snapchat up. I mean, the lighting is always bomb,And I just scored myself a free outfit for
Fat is not synonymous with ugly, For my body is lovely. I am fat, but I do not demand commiseration Nor do I desire a healthy observation.
we the people of t
God made man God made woman
Who says what is perfect? Who says I am flawed? Oh, you? Well, here's what I say;   I say I am me, and that is all I can be.   I have scars across my skin
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