Who are you

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I'm not sure how it happened, but I woke up one day to realize I haven't aged in a very long time These bodies don't define who we are
I am female I am male I get hit for stupid reasons I'm powerful and strong People believe I'm only good for house work It's said I have to maintain the home At work, I get lesser pay
I Am.... I am the girl in the back of the room, not because I don't like attention, but because I attract too much.   I Am... I am the girl who knows  who she is,
Who are you?The question is asked and a crisis begins.They wait as if I'll answer on cue,
Disappointed You are lost in time. 
I am   made of stardust, so science recognized.   Grandules measured by two sets of metaled hands.   My mind a split open galaxy, bleeding
I am Eija Shellman I hear people talking I smell Japanese Cherry blossoms I taste alcohol, I touch fabric, I see clothes, I want money, I wonder what more life has to give me,
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