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My heart is heavy. It is a bomb planted inside me, Ready to explode within the walls of my chest.     My chest is tight. My lungs fail me.
It still seems like a dream, The happy times I mean. Yelling, screaming, Tantrums and tales What should I learn? From such anarchy The rule of a dictator With the illusion of a god-complex.
Mister, Mister hear all about it! We come to your class every single day Just to hear you say...NOTHING! You look at us like we're circus clowns, and continue to just tear us down. We tell you we don't understand,
You stand there, hand raised, blank stare, that ‘I don’t give a damn’ smirk scrawled across your face. Nostrils flare when you realize I stand here. No no-good, condescending, ‘coulda been better than this’, is gonna stand in my way.
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