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I will never be able to write poetry that my mother understands In English, I write a flow of flowery soliloquies about my country,       about my people,            about her
A Mother may not always take action, but shows a relentless compassion.   Her nature is protective of her womb and no woman dare cross her groom.   Endowed by one greater to nurture life,
You have shaped me, to who I am now, This is your wanted reward. You have succeeded your one solemn vow, And with your presence, bliss has soared.
Mom as I write this I must thank you for gifting me life. Now I'm repaying you in the love I got for you. My endearment for you is the purest I respect you to the fullest. You enlightened me when I was clueless.
I could never understand a mothers reason for leaving her child behind. But i guess it wasn't our season. I hope when we meet again mom and I hope when you hug me, I turn five in your arms all over again. 
I was little when she would park the car school-side Speaking to me like I understood
I am a stranger, everywhere… I am unknown to no one but myself… Rain, rain…go away as they use to say… Though, the beauty I saw, no one understood me. I see relief, and serenity.
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