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Santa Claus and sleigh bells in hundred degree heat Laughing boys with new bikes tearing up the street Snowmen and reindeer just don’t seem to match With the crack of the willow and screams of ‘catch’  
I ponder my thoughts as hours fly by remembering what use to be our pastime. A game that brought us close together, a bowler and batsman eternally, forever.   Disregard for mother's intuition,
Everyone in high school wants that cute boy  To hold your books
It was frigid on that dark winters night. The blank stare of homework was in my eyes. As my brothers came in, she called us all together. Not noticing the mood I waltzed without a care. It was when I sat down that I became aware.
Ardent wings undulate at length, Reverberating echoes through Tomorrow. Beware the sound of Halted silence. Beats build up strength,
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