apathy $statistic

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Once upon a time I was living so carefree,
But who's going to love meyou only write once So make these words count but When all tears are wiped awaywhen all the scars are fadingwhen the wounds are healing  You only write once
I shudder as my foot is shaken from the sweet dreams I endured as I slept  A beautiful, peaceful, loving Mexican American girl waking up to her hardworking father’s sweet words “Wake up Baby”
This is her prison cell These walls are her hell, Making her go crazy, Telling her maybe, This life of bitterness,
I have nine scars on my hand I am a hard working man Or at least i thought Until I met that girl named Jazz She work two jobs and go to class Party's hard and never crash
Starting a new chapter every morning  of my life   I seek improvement, reverence and connectivity    MY LIFE!      I walk on thin ice made of doubt...
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