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You're in highschool? You're in ninth grade? Tenth grade?Eleventh grade?Twelfth grade? Are you playin'? High school ain't.  You think this is a game? Well no it ain't. School is never a game and if you feel this way say hey! Some people say Ninth...
My home, my school, How I love you so dearly But without your restraints, I would have been able to live more freely   Although my friends and memories Came from these halls, The place itself
We are a generation of inbetweeners: An undefined group of people searching for a definition
"Where did the music go?" the children will ask in a hundred years or so. "The music was cut." will say a man of silent remorse. "What was wrong with the music? Was it bad? Was it poor?"
   Look at Me III
Having fun is a part of growing up going to school is a part of  growing up dealing with teachers is part of growing up We have our up's and down's but so do you
Kk teachers these days just, like,  seriously need to chill out! i don't get what the heck all the fuss is about They should like go smoke a joint or something
Day in, Day out, its the same old stress not a moment to waste, nor one to catch your breath "As cruel as school children" does here still apply so head down, walk faster, ignore the leering eye
I'm tired of the shit you teach You're not giving us useful information You push us to the brink of madness Never giving us time to ask questions   I don't understand the assignment
You ask why we're stressed, why we're tirelessly dressed?   Do you ever stop to think that there's more to life than pencil and ink?   You ask why we sleep,
i have to wonder where they're going with all of this.
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