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Every day was the same from then on. It happened, I couldn’t change it. I tried a different outcome,  each walkthrough in my life. Each day I tried to be something more, feel something...different.
Hello? Are you there? I miss you. This is just not fair.  The other day I found your missing shoe. But how can I be the only one to care?  The one from last summer, the one that was blue.
I spent the year in recovery No, not from a drug-filled accident But instead by love-filled precedent, idealiogical, heaven-sent    Empathy was my violation Agape, Philia, Philia
Echoes bouncing off the walls from your tongueWhispers dance across your teeth, you are youngThe muscles flex in your face, next to your lips, a smileA feeling grows deep within me, my heart beats wild
Maybe she would AgeAnd of many yearsDieBut one option she could not TakeWas ridding herself ofLife She would ScratchAnd rip her SkinCausing damage that could onlyScar She would cryTears dripping quickly She would begKnees scraping against the grou
To worship you, God I live to worship you In spirit and in truth I live to lift you high In love and adoration I live to love you fully Convinced of your love for me Eternally encompassed
Here I go, I'm starting, doing what you said to do.. Wait, times up, but we barely just began.. Wait, I'm not finished, it needs more time, It can be better, why the rush. Wait, we're going, Where..
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