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Being me, I would say was the greatest thing, Despite these days when I'm pained, Back then I knew I could do anything, These days I'm just watching the rain, Used to spend hours and hours reading,
  Change. Its more than just a simple word, It’s a movement, a way of life. Too bad society has changed for the worse.  
There in my photo Behind the makeup, In my eyes, You may see Concealed ME   You may say, "You'e A model on set! A beautiful woman, Awating the camera's flash!"  
I would change the way people act, to be themselves completely and stop pretending to be someone else.  You are special and unique the way you are, and don't let anyone tell you differently.
      Letters from an emotionless robot    dear emotionless robot, Do this, stop that go here, stay there, walk, don’t run listen, don’t talk express, but don’t create
To my teacher, I say to you, sugar coated lies that do not help you. To better your self and your teachings skills, I will not lie with the kindness that kills. You have an outside life I assume,
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