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Your condolences are not welcome Your condolences are not accepted When you lynched, humiliated Suffocated, and killed a person
Where does my happiness come from? I often like to ponder this particular question whenever I’m feeling particularly partial to my emotions. I mean it, not like I have a reason to, so why do it? But then I look back and it all makes sense
Dear Teenage Life,
Walking in nature makes me think of thee. I'm reminded of you in all that I hear and see. As I walk, I see the trees rustling with the light wind, Just as your long hair sways when you walk 'round the bend.  
Condolences By: Renisha Williams Sitting outside of this funeral home  I’m cold and nervous. I wipe the sweat from the palm of my hand and compose my thoughts.
Sometimes it seems easier to say what I mean as if I don’t speak this language fluently. To take out all the ‘ifs, ands, ors, and buts.’ To just say “sorry”
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