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The land of the free because of the brave A great place filled with opportunity                                                The American dream needs to be saved                                       
it goes like work work work work work fifty hours in three days, i'm not management though daddy ain't never let me anything but great and i wish wish i was anything but cuz these white folks?
You can’t come? Oh that’s okay, it’s no big deal (I planned this for hours!) When things don’t work out I can still smile Because it’ll be okay eventually (I really don’t know if I believe that anymore)
Easer shavings cover her desk Accompanied by packet reviews , class notes , and yet Knowledge falls into her thoughts at quarter till four She pours her third cup of coffee as she tries to ignore
  I am committed -no- destined to make a better life for myself I work in the day, I don’t have time that is free No, I don’t have an inherited wealth. I am overwhelmed and I wont tell you what I need.  
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