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Pitter patter on my window seal Unescaping to the way you make me feel Only words like those can heal Those piercing troubles that we can never deal Pitter patter on my window seal  
i watch you the way a caged bird watches the sky and when i think of you i see those blue eyes (they are my sky) and they look into mine and, oh god, i'm pretty sure you can read me like a book because i've got my heart
It's a dark corner subdued in my head Alwasy telling me to put myself to bed It's like a sky with many black holes Endlessly counting the many souls they stole A sense of direction lost within time
Yeah, here's my life. I welcome you to it.  Welcome to huge secrets pouring out my mouth because              of two thick, pale fingers.  Welcome to black blood drippin impurities all over my mother's untouched rugs.
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