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Once lived a a young womenShe had stringy hair of gold that hung so delicately from her bony, pale white shouldersShe was a mystery, from top to bottom
Now I sit here and ponder, will you still be here? Will you come to my graduation, cheer for me as I accept my diploma? Will you walk me down the isle, eyes filled with tears? 
Words such as herion and addiction, not often would you assume stem from a prescription. We curse the dealers flipping dime bags to survive yet we assume doctors only intent is to save lives.
02/16/1998, birth ofKèlynn Brooks,Born to be great,A crazy fate,Too much on her plate Infant years,I danced,Infant tears, Parents dear, both parents near,Both parents dry tears , from my face
My Sister Rose
I left her  Afraid scared and alone.  My guardian angel needs me.  I did not know my heart was her home.  I felt I could fight alone,  But I proved I am weak broken and a wreck.
The pain I feel inside is empty and it’s dull and sinking and throbbing
Time after time I've turned to you Time after time you you held me up Time after time you tore me down Time after time you brought me back up You broke me, you built me You killed me, you revived me
So alone Out of time Wanting to live Going to die Cannot breathe Vision blurs I cannot run I’ve dug my grave The needle sticks And I go away My vision clears
“It's not that difficult to overcome these seemingly ghastly problems...what's hard is to decide to actually do it.” -Robert Downey, Jr.
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