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First day of college, heading to lab I want to be acknowledged, feel less alone I walk into the room, not a single oneknown and there you were, your happiness shown   You made me laugh, over silly things
You think you're above us all, you think you're so special You think you're top shit ‘cause of your academic level While it's good to have all of your shit together Having high grades doesn't make you any better
I am Steffen,
A Poet Mikaila Mack 3.3.12 I write because   I want to be a Poet.   I want to be the spot of fertile soil That you seek out
    To write, is to express one’s self through words rather than actions.To write, is to speak out loud without really speaking.To write, is to release… everything.  
  World! It is I, the by-standing life form you still haven’t noticed; a modestly self-absorbed mixture of carbon, air and water.   If I scream, will you notice me?
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