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One thing that can never be disproven, Is that time one way or another, Will always keep moving, The clock on the wall, Will forever tik onward, That is why my motto,  Is to always move forward,
I have to be better. I have brothers and sisters who are watching. I get tired and weary and depressed because I can't save everyone from hunger and poverty, But my head must hang high because people are watching me. No one sees the tears.
Now going into the new year I no longer know where to steer Afraid of what is to come because I'm constantly changing mind, constantly straining things changing so fast
Life is precious.   Don't watse time with others who will waste your time.   It's not worth it.   Just saying.   Keep oon moving, don't stop grooving,  
I want to get a few tattoos Mark myself with the beauty Rather than the hardships Of all my experiences   A sun on the front of my right shoulder
Family is supposed to understand your pain Family is supposed to be there to keep you sane So what happens when a family falsely cares? You keep smiling and take all that you can bare  
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