Life As Travel

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Dear World,   How expansive your beauty spreads, From humanity to nature. I never thought I would be lucky enough to explore your curves and depths. Yet I find myself in the position where I put you first!
We run further into the night The city lights gleaming, city lights singing We live for now because the time is right The promise of youth and its inevitable time being
Same sights, Same classes, Same people, Just the same regular shit, Everything is expected, Everyone is expected, Try to do something different somebody judges you,
There are seven wonders, And a thousand beautiful things. Lines to stand in, And people to bring. The pressure is growing as time slips away, Why aren't I growing In this well-traveled lane?  
Where’s the humility in writing about The perfection of a person without a little doubt That anyone is spotless or ideal honestly, Maybe one or two, but of course there’s me.  
Stepping to the beat dancing in the silence swaying in the stillness standing in the storm step by step walk the walk talk the talk trail the sidelines crossing pathways
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