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I'm freaking out I'm upside down I'm scared and afriad I want to know my fate But when I do I still won't have a clue Of what to do With myself For my health
In the sterile room she lays,
Fall, winter, spring, summer   Hymns like an angel Laughter that mingles First year of a new trauma First year of a new drama   Needles and medical poison
I've felt you,
loss of words So it seems so cruel, Life is hard without you Finally put to rest from your duel.   These loss of words are hard to face, Because with out you life has no pace.
A single pink ribbon
The wind forces the trees to bend as the storm sets in, as the lightning illuminates the  hopeless night.   The news has spread- it's not the only thing- the storm is growing, spreading,
I used to be a crazy little girl, my heart was a colorful swirl. As I got older and problems started, my mom's hair soon departed. She is a surviver of breast cancer twice, but she's very afraid of mice.
Another year , another day  The day I always waited for, my birthday.  but what's the point to a birthday without  the women who pushed you out  what's the point to this day if the one 
The day you gave me my first pair of wings, I forgot to tell you how much I loved you. My head was too far above my neck to listen to the beating in my chest. It was louder than any common sense you’ve ever told me.
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