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No one is like me This is a blessing and a curse No one is as detail oriented as I am No one thinks like me
I should have known earlier That something was off.   AGE 3 I am acting out My own death Over and Over and Over. Gunshots, falling, screaming, Nothing.  
I keep blocking it out Tying not to hear it Can't face the truth Can't bear to stand it   Trying to stay strong But it's so hard to do Because I can't help but hurt
Being diagnosed was tough Being unknown was worse. From here it can only get better, with the right tools and a little good luck. Optimism will be my guide. This will be with me forever
the first thing you should know is that I know you didn't plan for your life to be this way.  you were not a child who dreamt of life trapped in the four mint colored walls of a hospital room.
Struggle It’s the only thing I’ve known For as long as I can remember The older I get the more control I gain This is my body
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