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Is it worth it? He finnesed me with ease Anything he wanted was his Love, sex, money, drugs ----anything for him He said he'd always love me, no matter what he'd done
My love, my other half the light soon to shine in my eyes         and awaken me to an adventure of a lifetime, a ride of the century and the joy ill feel for so many years,            the thought of you my one and only  brings tears to my eyes , a
The cold on my feet As I walk to your fate… The lump in my throat As I hold in your tears… The numbness in my body As I think of your feelings… I’m sorry. He comes in, Asks me if I’m ok. I say I’m fine, But I know I’m not. I’m sorry.
Hello My Name is AnshulAnd I have a secret I’ve been keeping from all of youIm 16 and Pregnant
who said it wasn't love? my experiences have told me it was closer to love closer than anything I had experienced. this life I now hold, it wasn't created by an act of immoral actions.
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