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  I am a wildflower. My seed was planted in the depths of tainted soil, left to prosper among a hollow meadow. As I germinate, the essence of gloom familiarizes itself, striving to stunt my growth.
Freckles,  They crowd my face. A new one always ready to join.  Sometimes.  I feel there is no more room on my face. All my thoughts can amount to the dots on my face.
I remeber the depth of my desires late at night, the craving for your warmth. I remeber you being so distant yet so close. The way you held me, your air tight hugs.
(poems go here) Mesmerized The day you’re staring back into my eyes it will be through your TV. A beautiful monster is whom you’ll see Acting so viciously you’d think I was a bee.
My back just broke Please help me get better Broken bones, broken hearts, They’re all the same, rather.
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