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I could never understand the purpose of my kind.   I remember it clearly, the day the stillness took hold. Confused by your voices, faceless and disjointed in tune. I remember that day clearly, saturated in its emptiness.I was denied the burden of
I am the massacre. A scourge worthy of a mausoleum for all too see. Feels like Ive lived a hundred years and all those years you didn't see. I took everyone's hope away and destroyed any left for me. I concealed my deception as I consumed your per
#becauseIloveyou600 miles meant nothing to me because I loved you.I gave up my freedom, and that was okay because I loved you.
I am not like most others, Or at least that's what everyone else tells me. They'd call me crazy, So only four people know. The boy I trust with my life, The girl that didn't judge, The boy I love,
I often imagine you as a bar of soap. Two people trying to grab at you only to control you. Your slipping, slipping, slipping. You've slipped away. But not from me. From them. Welcome home sister.
Beauty & the Beast It all happened pretty much the way you heard it. Faster than I can even remember There was a kiss in the rain then music and a change. Then he was a king
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