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the feeling is strange i dont know what to do but im glad for the change im happier than i knew now i still have a little anxiety and anger and sometimes fall too but i can get up faster with you
Right here Right here I stand Right here Right here I am Right here, right here I am right here Look to your left Look to your right Try as you might, you wont see me flee
"The gate that guards my heart was open at the start.
    Mercy   The choice was swift and all my own, Desire neglect’d, still apparent. Mist at once shrouded my judgement, My bearings vanished, sight was gone.  
  From the second we are conceived we overcome, Not a second in life goes by where we have not overcome, We fight out entire lives, Behind closed doors and out in the open,
A box I was trapped in a box A box that was molded by the visible hand of man that told me what I should or should not be Defined by labels that are still stamped across every inch of my being because of what you say
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