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Down down down The souls rise up Stirred by the downpour of fear The planet Crashes on the beautiful grass Birth, first crush That first gig on the boulevard
Hello world it's a beautiful day yes it is, young man livin' in america can't get much better than this. 8:00am. "We have suddenly recieved news reports that a plane
I know it's a bit much to ask for, a little shameless, and a little rude to some, but would you mind doing a little digging for me? Would you mind pulling up the images of 9/11 you have stashed and locked up in your mind?
The search had took years on end but it had finally been done The very corners of the earth had been scavenged but it had finally been done The man deserved justice and it finally been done.
I need inspiration, motivation, with out it there's no determination, I need it for my methods of the curriculum , my innovation, You minus well kill whats left of me a whole is in my chest,
America stands together, To sing a prayerful song. Together we will stand and say, To protect and provide. Through all our tragedies, There is always a good outcome, That America will always sing,
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