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Abortion is definitely murder and I say this with no apology. Anybody who does an abortion or supports abortion is a murderer. There is absolutely no justification for killing the unborn.
A Letter To My Unborn”
As I sit in this room today, I see a bright futures of Doctors that will find a cure for cancer Lawyers that will participate in the trial of the century
kicking, screaming twisting, turning my heart is broken  and feel like its burning   she was mine and now is gone her name was athena at three months along  
Time to make mistakes, take a chance, kiss the summer fling, and hold hands till sun set. I'm here to grow up not down. Kiss the stars and wink at the moon. I've got a heart on full health
Born with sorrow, Will I survive for another tomorrow. Am I your child or just a charity award, Unwanted, abandoned, and ignored. You threw me out like a unwanted reward. My herity never to be known,
Two tear drops were floating down my face, as i sit and wonder why you were taken with out a trace. I know we are not suppose to question the man above, but why did he have to take my unborn love?
While I walk into a house, there is a sorrow that floats in the atmosphere. I breathe it, I see it, I lived it. I walk into a room, and picture blood. Blood where, blood there. The mattress, I stare. A woman lay, in pain, she can't gain.
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