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  Stereotype that hurts me   This is the evil partfrom me and my heart
Bullies? They call you little kid They are the true babies Your the one who hid Bullies? You were scared Who had a choice So you shared Your voice Bullies? You now are higher
Judge by the hourAll they want is powerAll they want is to see you cryBut it's only liesIt’s not the truthEven though they have the proofJudge by the hourBut they are the cowards
They never know how it feels to wear a mask all the time,  to act like your okay and that  you hear everything they say.  To have everyone laugh and stay away, they avoid you
Ode to No One
Life is but a breath, Flickering, fleeting, fading away, So easily lost. So, dear friend, I say, There is no time for Hating, or Drama or Cruelty, Nor will there ever be time for
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