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I wear newer clothes, Though I may look similar, I am happy now.  
No honey please don’t be so sad… Trust me I know Everything Because I was you In a way I still am Please…
No one is born knowing.  One must learn it the hard way It is a difficult task, I must say But one must fight against it.  If one does not accept and love themselves,  No one will  
I am perseverant.  They tell me I can't, I say I can and will. No challenge or obstacle is too great.  Even through the toughest trials, I will prevail and push through until I am succesful.
people see, what they want to see not me  not a scratchless car,  as I, along with all else,  have scratches everywhere 
Maybe at times i did things that hurt, but i tried so hard that you will always see That having you was a blessing for you and me.
All I did was love you While you snuck out and gave your love to another But all she wanted was your money And now look who's the sucker   After you made me sign that waiver
She lays on her bed
I am a dystopia whose fault line you are just waiting to fracture, Splintering me into chaotic shards, The world tells me on that sunshine tulip-coated poster: “You must love yourself before anyone can love you”
Before you try to silence me, judge me Before you treat my story with negativity
Im tired tired of waiting to have a perfect body tired of all the screaming  tired of all the lies  tired of not being perfect  why cant life be easy  why cant our generation be in peace 
To free your soul you must accept pain.
The world has lost its innocence,
He called her ugly. He believes she is ugly. He hurts her. He is ugly. She is beautiful. She is strong. She loved him. He is ugly.
blistered skin, that whispers flayed. my life, a cage, to which I'm chained. Haunting voices, following close, the creeping utterances, my subtle foe. feet trimmed by velvet,
I realize it is this skin! For some unspoken words it is this skin Does it bare a mark of ancestral sin? How when they built this country on their bakcs and tears and blood.
Things change Nothings the same  Life goes on ... Someone gets killed  People get ill  Life goes on ... Things get better  You learn to accept   Life goes on ...
It’s his in and her out. He loves a boy, and knows That should his love be shown His own home would become A place of disgrace Claiming to never have known The face of his heart.
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