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It was my moral duty to operate and in many people's eyes, I was admired.I did what needed to be done and because of that, I was fired.Four years ago, a baby was born with Down Syndrome and he had a heart defect.
It is foreign to me, like entering a class room for the first time. I do not know what to expect and I fear the unknowingness of it all.
A span of eighteen minutes. An American Airlines Boeing 767, Very low. A span of eighteen minutes. Heavy black smoke billowed into The sky. A span of eighteen minutes.
'I love you...' I whisper,across the expansethe gaping darkness,the thrilling chance? My heart it slows,as you turn and leave me,I stand in the snow,alone, wondering bleakly.
He stuck his head out And like a chain reaction the trigger was pulled by a very weak limb. The face that slaughtered the innocent shall not live, there was no doubt. We knew the rugged appearance belonged to Him.
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