columbine/school shootings

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Columbine, Parkland, Boston Races; So many lost, too many faces. How long must this last? We must end this epidemic fast! 'But how', they ask, 'Impossible!', they say.
One shot, the shot that killed you Two minutes, is all it took for lives to be taken one month, and im walking away from the place that protects us 17 minutes, to honor the victims the world has lost
When you turn on the news, what's the first thing you see? The Black man that got shot today or the White man on the murderous streak.
The mouth of the metal monster the maw of the morbid mother the giver of gold or gall picking out the particular person plucking out precious people maker of more monopolies
She said yes That faithful day on April 20th That was such a mess She was questioned with a gun to her head Asked by her murders "Do you believe in God?" She answered with the utmost strength
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