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sometimes i wish i had no moral prob- lems with  cussing   loudly  or  at all
My father, my father, how much you mean to me, You’ve taught me how to be mature, and good as I can be, You help me up when I fall down, and tell me I can do it,
Across the vast blue ocean, Rising out of the rainbow reef, Lies a solitary Island. Its tree-crested mountains, And river-carved valleys,
While the whole world remains silent, an ageless man plays proudly. Mourning souls gather together, when seven load their rifles.  
Me? Oh, I, I am the girl, the girl with the curly brown hair, with straightened bangs, bangs that have grown too long— long enough to hide my eyes from the world
 I am the sailor of the ship, and I sail the seas.
In a ship made of travels over endless water I sailed in pursuit of the lonely daughter Of pensive thoughts and drowning dreams Swaddled in ideas that made her slip at the seams
The roaring of the seas, Clogs my ears for me. Fears pound around my head, Hidden now and then, By rising droplet armies,
Verse 1 The light that shines Won't show me the way Her shining beacon has turned astray Another ship has reeled in her shore A sailor is stranded A voyager, off course
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