bullies liars two faced fake friends jealousy

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Why is it okay for some people to bully others Is it because they're mad because they no life
You fight the innocent everyday And to prove what to us? You shove the kids at school Yell and hit the ones on the bus. You do things to the weak because you know they're scared
Welcome to a world full of monsters and empty souls. A world where all night you hear whispering down the halls. Sending you into a mindless daze where nothing is what it seems,
They were my names written in ink  my labels that were burned into me for years. Children would run in a panic 
Fakeness It's everywhere In our food In our men and in our friends That's why we can't trust nowadays Nuh uhhh honey Not even your family Cause sister girl child
you look so innocent so sweet, but your eyes are full of deceit, kind to my face but your rotton to the core, you'd rather see me out that door, you and your pack hate my guts, I go hide my shame my cuts,
They all pretend to be your friend, It’s only when you have money or fame, Is when they come out to “play” with you, They are self-centered and feel no shame!,
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