Save the Earth

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look at us, can’t you see?   your weapons of greed tear apart this ocean all for self-gain in industry chains. are pleas for help not enough commotion?  
My beautiful seas All terribly tainted Plastic straws and metal cans Dancing their way down the Pacific Mortals and their sizable ships Dumping their waste without a care  On the sandy surfaces
No sunshine here There's only gray As nature's beauty Is thrown away   Clouds of poison Fill the air And we the people Don't seem to care   Trash waste broken glass
Beyond the trembling waters, lies an island. A place where man can never set foot. A towering tree stands in the middle. The dark leaves shade the ripening fruit people don't dare to touch. Flowers blooming in a bed of scattered grass.
Where is the Growth of life? What happened to our God Given Earth? For years, people have been destroying our environment. They blame the machines for our environment being destroyed, when we the people are controlling those machines.
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