Letting Go of the Past

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Young child crying The past can not hide Wounds and hurts
Time a train, stopped by no one.Away it leaves, gone before everyone.By your side, for everyone to see.Yet, in the end, it is seen by no one.Goodbye it flies in the end of one.Keep hold of time itself.
After a heavy day’s meal, I was tired of this life. And so, I decided to visit the afterlife. I slept. Not dead, I woke up realizing that, The breath of life, Wasn’t from me.
I have to say goodnight to my beautiful stars. I'll walk away, but you'll always be in my heart. I hear you calling my name. I hear your message clear. But I'm here on the ground. Too far to respond.
I remember you as something remarkable A silver lining in the string of grey.Yet you tugged the endings of my nerves until it broke.And my body paid dearly for
To the girl that looks in the mirror, Your thoughts are in the wind you can’t catch them with your net, you only tie them with your sin.
Hanging on is so hard I just can’t let it go I’ve been carrying it for so long Now my patients is running low Every time I put it down I pick it up again Jesus help me bring This suffering to an end
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