Boston Marathon Bombings

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April 15, 2013 A date that will be etched into my mind for all of eternity A day that began with cheering and joy But ended in screaming, chaos, and tears   To run the Boston Marathon is every runners dream
I cheer at the finish line, It's a beautiful day The sun is out, Thousands of fans watching for the winner, How could we have known Our lives could change so fast, I'm thrown off my feet,
Some people live just to become crazy Setting off bombs leaving the area hazy They freak out but more people die on the daily violently They don't see They blame it on conspiracy It is a big deal
Boston Must this go on? Why must we lose so many? Families should not be stressed over this Respect!
BOOM goes the dynamite, DROP goes our hearts. RUN goes the people, away from the "START". CRY goes the runners, FALL goes the dead. HELP goes the injured, while covered in red.
Who are you to come here and kill We didn’t drag you and your brother against your will Your parents thought you would be safer over here Because they didn’t want you living in fear
I send this to the one's lost To the ones without a voice To the ones who sacrificed at a great cost To the ones who weren't allowed a choice To those who will be given tearful recognition
Who are you to have taken lives and limbs that day? What made you think you had the right to end and change their lives that way? You may have thought that you were brave and strong,
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