acceptance death understanding live life love

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it had started to rain on the night that she first decided to make her way onto a graveyard scene for it was none other but Halloween a black cat pranced passed her view she didn't know what to do
I am always coming closer.  like a steady drum beat i step, closer and closer.  you try to slow me down,  with your medicatons and healthy life styles,  but you can't stop me, coming closer. 
Some say love's like fireworks Others say love is blind But I say love comes softly And it's all knowing in its kind
Flowers at bloom Water that falls With so much room Nothing is gloom When Paradise calls Smiles Collide Trees stand tall Fun for all Till we cried Bulldozers storm in
Remember how easy love used to be? As simple as breathing, now everyone leaves. The tired pleas, begging on knees. The ignorance to wants and needs. Screaming shouting crying bleeding. Mistakes mean nothing with out pain and healing.
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