2014 Poetry Slam

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There is a me behind the mask I look in the miror and try to ask About my past to see a me that no one else can really see or be a person I want to be and in person to really see who is the real me
Beaten down, succumbing to the sting Of the pressure that this new world brings All of us who can say we made it through Feel more scared of society than of highschool Emancipated from the holds of home
Outside of my world, lies a world of destruction and chaos. Hope seems to be long gone, and tragedy is inflicted upon the young, and elderly. Ouside of me, destruction reigns, and seems to take advantage of those vulnerable.
All I want is to learn. why do I need so much money for that ? Everyone is pushed to better themselves and go to college yet only a few actually have that opprtunity.
Eighteen score years ago, a cradled crying baby - who was given an enlightened path - was born
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