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The gun that was held in his hands killed many and wounded more.  His actions wounded those in the inclosed location as well as those across the nation.  I have never been so horrified of what lies behind someones closed eyes.
Do you think its ok to keep trying  even though you are not  good enough    Do you think that  its ok to keep going  even though you have tried hard but still have tasted defeat 
Thaw out frozen thoughtsshoulders hunched against the sleetstride crunching on the downbeatsfamiliar haunts are blurringHurried northward daydreams don'ttrickle south through Douglas Firs
I found at that place at the fork in the road where change begins. I found where life waits on the point of a knife where everything hangs in the balance. I’ve seen how everything can come crashing down
"Tear here," his soul whispers. And he does. "And here," it adds.  And he tears. The blood bonds pull back, the cobweb of relations Swinging aside, Revealing the next rip. 
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