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rocket power serveup the T on the deuce side~ point of no return....Mark Toney © 2021.9/26/2021 - Poetry form: Haiku (for you)
When it’s raining outside I cannot go, To a simple place that everyone knows, But its hard surface calls me, And its white lines entice me,
*Raise the ball up high do not let your focus fall Ace! right past his face *The point is all mine  tennis is no sport all I hear is the nonsense * Insignificant
I am a ball - living in this raquet of a world.  Just trying to get over the net, survive and get by. 
"Just" a Tennis Racquet
It was the final set, Victory was near. It had come down to this, The world would get, And with one little sphere, Into a company of bliss.   Match point, it was
  Inhale Exhale Bounce Toss Load Jump SLAM! Recover. Turn left Prepare Backhand WHOOSH! Recover. Remember to breathe! What next?
Our breaths hang in the air, eyes fixed on the server who has his body poised subjugated beneath the suspended ball
The ball has been in your court And I’ve been patiently waiting for you to serve it back But I’m tired Of the water breaks Of the time outs Of the sub-ins I just wanted one game
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