A lover's dream

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Your smile never went past your month.There was always a disconnect there. I watched you as you watched me,And it felt like we were really one.
I write to clench The Beauty in the dreams.                                    where my foolish mind falls in love with the shunned light.   and when cradled The Beauty sucks!
Dreams Joyful Pleasant Two of us Not alone, but not watched
Dear Gatsby, When I look at you I see yellow, but mostly black. When the fireflies fly The ladies sway to and fro’. How long have you wondered? Through the big lights. The perilous carriage. Unlike the past we no longer adjourn the future.
Hand in hand we lay together by the sea, in deep golden sand and a world there is just you and me. Closing our eyes as we both listen to the sea, and a sky so blue that we both see. 
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