The Wizard of Oz

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Dreaming under the rainbow Crash from the high There’s a tear upon your face But do you remember why you cried?   Dreaming under the rainbow Where are you? You promised that you’d stay with me,
Though not colorful, You hold the people I love. I long to return; Journeying despite hardships. Truly, there’s no place like home.   (4/25/2017)
If I tell you the truth, Dorothy never found the yellow brick road. Instead she found something blue and lost and long, an ocean that stretches out endlessly.
The  Brain"You're so smart."   "Such intelligence is so mature for your age."My books give me knowledge.My good grades.The praise from everyone feeds this false ideology.
It all began on a windy day, When I held my carved heart on a plate, And that was when she tapped her heels, Afraid of the fact I was hollow.   I held my carved heart on a plate,
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