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From distant eyes that seem to guide the dove- Sorrow and Joy join to form the gully. Venus allows a loose embrace of love While Farewell is Pluto's ripe to sully
                                                              At my prime time I surely rhyme I write countless sonnets Like numerous poets
The warmth you engulf me in. The floral scents as they fill the air. Boiling in the that pot made of tin with your rising steam, such beauty and fair.   The heart rises up.
Man’s best friend, who is always by your side, Energy filled, he is eager to please. You give him love and a place to reside. Caring for your friend does not come with ease.
We are the cultivators Interpreters of dreams
Throughout the foliage compassion lies
My lover's voice is like a dog that never could bark Looking into his eyes is not half as interesting as staring into total darkness If style consisted of wearing the ragiest rags,he'd win full prize
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