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Never give up,Never give in.Move onward and upward with strength from within. Always believe,Always look forward.Never be the one who is seen as a coward.
What are we to do in the aftermath of chaos? Pray that it stops. Know it won’t but still hope. March the streets and cry out.   Our typhoon of contradictions
I feel like you look for messages engraved in the cliche i don't like it but it seems to work. this is straight forward. i miss my metaphors tired and hungry I can't help but wonder
Three hund
You may think its cool If you put #cute On that picture of you in your bright blue sweat suit.   You may think you're the most rad kid in school If you put #hot
one day, i'll make a movie out of you, and we won't be the stars. but that's why people will love it.
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