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The stars glisten in the night sky Shining like diamonds The fire burns a hot blazing red Warming even the coldest of nights Fireflies lighting the dark sky
"Gather around and let me tell you a story," The Fiddler sang, watching children gather around him. Puffs of smoke lifted up into the night still air,
Snickering and cackling Its sparks are laughing Trying to warm us And staying lit is a must   Acting like it was having fun It has the touch of the sun Burning whatever it is touching
The meadow comes awake at the end of the day Lighting up the sky bright fireflies That summer breeze puts me at ease Campfire life with friends by my side Hey eh oh, oo ah Hey eh oh, oo ah
Through the trees shone A burnt orange light The sun sinking low As the moon took its post.   Friends huddled around A fading orange glow The last of the coals As the cold held us close.
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