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Adversity is like a maze! There's always a way around it! From the beginning of this relationship, there was many of it As time went by, we overcame it
Dear Mother, Do you see me now? Sitting in front of you, smiling, seething? Mother, do you see how angry I am? Do you see the anger you gave me,
The spectrum between bad and good is grand and intricate. From radical hatred and anger to complete love and mercy, the space between is massive and most commonly occupied.
I was told onceI have a strong talent in writingAnd with it I can do many good thingsAnyone and everyoneWith the talents they possessCan choose to spread good or bad into the world
I walk next to the lake my toes sinking in the sand reminiscing of the days when I wasn’t spoken too lost in a sea of people who wanted nothing to do with me  no matter how hard I try
Dark... Where am I? Hello? Light...
All around are familiar faces, Faces that are here one day gone the next.
Poetry, by name, an expression through words A beautiful symphony of cry for help or a hidden love bird. Painted on sheets like an artist, Sung out loud like the choir, Poetry makes my mind fly even higher.
Just want to sit here Listen to you all night By the moonlight Listen to your fears By the moonlight
Build a wall around yourself. Barricaded like the ancient cities of Rome. Walking through the halls quietly with these words spinning through your head. Knitting a scarf so intricately bound expressing the sorrow of that day.
Oh my lovely boss man, why sure I will make sure that gets done I don't really think you care, but I'll even do that and then some Really it's nothing that you never care to help me learn and grow
My spirit was invaded today, my pride was conquered The strongest, surest part of me crumbled to bits before him And I could only back down, Shy away, Stare blankly like the thoughtless, emotionless being,
My demons creep up like shadows in the night, pulling me into the swirling black mist. I search frantically, but there's no way out. No opening, no light to save me from their tight grip pulling me farther and farther into the icy darkness.
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